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A Farewell that was printed in the newspaper by
Arlene Steinhardt

Heaven Poem written for A.J. by Pearl Cain

Poem by Sister Melanie


















  There are many poems out there that just say it all.   They say what we are thinking, how we feel, and it's put in such an elegant way.   Here are a few from friends and family and more memorial poems that just seem to "hit the spot".  

 A Farewell that was printed in the Ellensburg Daily Record Newspaper

A tribute and farewell to A.J. Dyk:
Eternity You knew Life, A fife that you received Both from your parents And from those who gave What was theirs for you. You have given Life, By the gift you have made of yourself To so many others And in so many ways. I can sense how Because you have so often been A source of Life for me. With the light of my heart and my memory, I can relive those events Woven from the yam of every day. The great river of time Has carried us along throughout the years. You have left the river, You have entered into the calm of eternity, Into its repose, its stability.
 -Arlene Steinhardt




Heaven Poem written for A.J. by Pearl Cain

I only met you once---
But your were the "best man" there
My son gave away his daughter that day,
Her life, with your brother, to share.

I also met your mom and dad---
Met your sisters, and friends galore,
And I could feel the warmth and love---Who could ask for anything more?

By reading your brother's web-site,
I can see you were special to all,
And anyone needing a helping hand
Knew exactly who to call.

They knew you'd be there in a minute
To help any way you could---
You'd go a little bit further,
Than most other people would.

And then came a very special call---
From your Father---up above,
He said he needed a man like you
So filled with joy and love.

He'd been looking for someone special
To be His right hand man,
And dwell with Him forever---
So, of course, you said "I can!"




Forever in Their Heart poem by Melanie Miller

I will never forget the day you first held her,
Nor the day you whispered I love you in her ear.

I will never forget the way you played together,
Just like you and I played when we were younger.

I will never forget that last day you carried her,
You showed her how much you cared.

I will never forget to tell her the memories you shared,
Nor keep the pictures tucked under the bed.

I will never forget to tell my daughters how much you love them,
How they are part of your precious heart. 

And one day little brother when I’m holding your hand,
they will be sharing with my grandchildren how you are in their heart



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