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Remembering AJ                    


The Blazer

A.J. built this blazer basically from scratch. 
He replaced so much stuff on it, I bet half the nuts on it are wing tipped.

That Blazer is a compilation of all of these trucks.  He needed all of them to keep that thing running.  He loved going on trail rides up in the hills.


If you can't tell, his favorite spot to park the blazer was on a big rock or cinder block.

He always went out with some crazy friends

The last time A.J. drove his blazer he was in a race at the Ellensburg fair grounds.  It was one of those tough truck races, where there were jumps, holes, and mud.  He took off at the start and made a nice big jump, probably went ten feet in the air.  He landed hard and broke an axel.  He didn't even notice.  He just goosed the blazer around the corners.  When he finished, someone said "A.J. what is that hanging down by your tire.  He replied "I was wondering why it wasn't turning very good."  He still finished third in the race.