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Remembering AJ                    


AJ got Spike when he rode up to Alaska with Dad in a semi-truck.  He wrote a journal of his trip which you can find on the link "A.J.'s Work"  Spike is 99% Wolf and 1% Husky.  He used to keep A.J. (and the rest of us) up at night howling at the moon.

The Story of Spike and Troy

One day a long time ago there was a big dog named spike he was a wolf dog and all the kids where scared of him. But one little boy named troy really liked spike and all the kids mad fun of troy because he was different much as they made fun of spike because he was really big and scary. But one day spike and troy ran away because everyone mad fun of them. But one little boy name Tyler he like spike and troy both but never said anything. Because he didn't want to get made fun of. So after Tyler saw spike and troy where gone he when and got he's older brother Trevor. Who want to go looking for Troy and spike but didn't find them after 2 days of being gone Tyler and Trevor's Big cousins Kevin & Nick decided to go looking for them and troy but they too never found them. Tory's classmates who made fun of him realized how nice he really was and all the school went to find Troy and spike with Kevin, Nick, Trevor, and Tyler. And the found Spike and troy in playground all by them self's spike and troy where so happy to see all the kids.


He looks so little and cute.

Spike is so big that we have to tie a tire to his neck, just to slow him down a little bit.  I still can't catch him. A.J. pulling Spikes Tail
This is A.J. and Spike when he brought him home from the airport.